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Introduction & Keynote Address

Sheila S. Blair, Writing as Signifier of Islam

Robert Hoyland
Robert Hoyland, The Birth of Arabic Writing on Stone

Angelika Neuwirth
Angelika Neuwirth, Scripture, Revelation, and Writing: The Qur’an’s Epistemic Recast of Arabian Late Antiquity

Hugh Kennedy
Hugh Kennedy, Baghdad as a Center of Learning and Book Production

Dana Sajdi
Dana Sajdi, Chained: Orality, Authority and History

Ludvik Kalus
Ludvik Kalus, The Spread of Islamic Inscriptions in East and Southeast Asia

Huda Smitshuijzen Abifares
Huda Smitshuijzen Abifares, Arabic Typography and the Shaping of a Modern Design Culture

Jonathan Bloom
Jonathan Bloom, How Paper Changed Islamic Literary and Visual Culture

Kristine Rose Beers
Kristine Rose Beers, Towards an Archaeology of Islamic Bookbinding

Massumeh Farhad
Massumeh Farhad, Reading between the Lines: Text and Image in Sixteenth-Century Iran

Heba Barakat
Heba Barakat, The Triumph of the Word: Contemporary Islamic Calligraphy Collections at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Nasser Al-Salem
Nasser Al-Salem, Islamic Architecture & Calligraphy: The Geometric Parallel