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Introduction & Keynote Address
Paul Goldberger is the Pulitzer Prize-winning Author and Architecture Critic for The New Yorker

François Déroche
Directeur d’études, École pratique des hautes études, Section des sciences historiques et philologiques, Paris

Kjeld von Folsach
Kjeld von Folsach is Director of the David Collection in Copenhagen

Michael Franses
Michael Franses is an independent scholar, the author and publisher of numerous books and periodicals related to the textile arts as well as co-founder of several textile-related organizations.

Julia Gonnella
Julia Gonnella is Curator at the Museum of Islamic Art (SMPK) in Berlin

Ruba Kana’an
Ruba Kana’an is the Head of Research and Publications at the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada

Emilie Savage-Smith
Emilie Savage-Smith is Professor of the History of Islamic Science (retired), The Oriental Institute, University of Oxford and Senior Research Consultant, Bodleian Library, Archivist & Former Fellow, St Cross College, Oxford.

John Seyller
John Seyller is Professor of Art History, University of Vermont

Eleanor Sims
Eleanor Sims is Editor, Islamic Art

Antonio Vallejo Triano
Antonio Vallejo Triano is a Curator of Cultural Heritage for the Junta de Andalucía (the Andalusian regional government) and Director of the archaeological site of Madinat al-Zahra.

Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward is an independent scholar

Mohamed Zakariya
Mohamed Zakariya is a classically trained Islamic calligrapher